Molecules in Motion

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thing #23

I've enjoyed this summer learning opportunity more than I thought I would. I liked having someing to work on periodically and didn't realize that there were so many other resources out there. I need to be more like a curious child and just explore. Here are some of my thoughts...

1. My favorite exercises were the media exercises like photostory. I really see myself using those in the near future.

2. This program has affected my lifelong learning goals by really encouraging me to explore and not be timid about trying something new. You've probably guessed that I'm a bit reluctant to "click the wrong button."

3. The unexpected outcome of this program is that I now know how much the internet has to offer. Items outside the realm of basic information.

4. To improve on this format...gosh the only tricky thing was getting started. That was a shade confusing...signing up for the blog I mean.

5. If you offered another discovery program like this in the future I would defineatly participate.


7. Okay!!!

Thing #22

Alright, I ranted and raged on one of the NING social blogs. I became so upset by what I was reading that my bloodpressure went up and I've vowed never to go back to that site again. It just made me upset and I don't need that. I choose to be happy!

So, as you can tell, I won't be using the NINGs so much. I've noticed that some of these blogs are places for people to vent their anger about a topic but really have no intention of changing the situation or even their attitude. They're simply looking for validation for and converts to their way of thinking. Sorry, that won't be me.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thing #21

This is by far the best! I feel so computer savvy! Creating my little video was so interesting and easy that I emailed it to my family to show them what I had learned to do. The program on photostory is simple and user friendly. I can see my students using this to create an end of the year project . Wht else can I's awesome!

Making Microscope Slides

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thing #20

The tubes...I couldn't get on to Youtube since it is blocked by the server..I'll try again tonight when I have more free time to spend. I did get onto teacher tube and found it really neat. I looked up science and although they are limited in their selection, I was able to find some high quality introductory videos that I think can be used as springboards for new topics. I've found that the shorter videos work best with my students attention span. I suppose it is like chunking information into digestible bites.

I shall now try and embed this video and if you click on the link and see "molecules in motion" then I was successfull!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thing #19

I chose to keep it familiar for the first adventure on the Web 2.0 awards list, so I looked at Google blog. I looked up parenting and found myself watching a TODAY SHOW clip about Tim Russert and his son. It was quite a tear jerker. I also found "mothersclick" under another topic and found it quite interesting so far. Sorry, not finding any use for this stuff in the science world, but it might come in handy for discipline issues that might arise.

Not that I am any sort of a writer (that would be my husband's gift) I took a peek a LULU. I thought it interesting that here was a site that will let you publish pretty much anything regardless of whether it's good, bad or ugly. Of course it's dependant upon the depth of your pocketbook but I'm sure they take credit.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Thing #18

As my students would text....OMG! This is a wonderful "thing" that I never knew about. For those who do not have access to Microsoft Office or (as is probably the case for most of my students) cannot afford to purchase it, this is an awesome resource! They could save their product on the web and then access it from any computer... say at the library or a friends house. Then they could email the assignment to you!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Thing #17

Okay, I've set up my own Rollyo, but since I don't frequent many websites, I have only 4 listed. By the time I leave this world I would like think I could cook reasonable well. Alas, I am a frustrated "chef" trying to get better. If you share this hobby even a little bit, try these sites out. The searchroll is "RECIPES"